Starters IN/TA
FLASH FRIED SQUID                                        with green garlic mayo, lemon, five spice, salt and pepper 16/14
LEEK & POTATO CROQUETTES (4 PCS) (V)                    with romesco sauce, parmesan cheese 10/8
SPICY FRIED CHICKEN WINGETTES                            with Sichuan pepper caramel, sesame and lime 12/10
POLENTA CHIPS (V)                                        with truffle mayo, parmesan 10/8
GARLIC PRAWNS                                            with red onion, basil, olive oil 18/16
GARLIC HERB BREAD (V)                                    garlic & parsely butter focaccia 7/5
CLASSIC BEEF BURGER                                        beef patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, special sauce, served with chips 20/18
TWICE COOK CHICKEN MERRYLANDS                          gremolata, spinanch, roasted carrots, beetroot 25/23
ROASTED SALMON FILLET                                grilled asparagus, corn puree, prosciutto, dill oil, lemon 26/24
BEEF CHEEKS                                              braised beef cheek, red wine, tomato sauce, peas, parmesan w/ Pappardelle 24/22
PORCINI MUSHROOM (V)                                        porcini cream, roasted mushroom, fried egg, parmesan w/ Penne 22/20
BOLOGNESE                                                braised beef cheeks, tomato sauce w/ Spaghetti 22/20
BROCCOLI & PESTO (V)                                    broccoli, garlic, raddichio, olives, pesto and parmesan w/ Penne 20/18
GARLIC PRAWN                                              prawn tails, garlic, cherry tomatoes, chili, rocket, olive oil, lemon w/ Spaghetti 23/21
BROCCOLINI (V)                                            steamed broccolini, olive oil, lemon, toasted almonds 9/7
POTATOES (V)                                                twice cooked potatoes, rosemary, garlic 9/7
ROCKET SALAD (V)                                            rocket, parmesan, pear, balsamic vinaigrette 10/8
GARDEN SALAD (V)                                          tomato, cucumber, red onion, mixed leaf, lemon vinaigrette 10/8
CAPRESSE SALAD (V)                                          tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, olive oil 10/8